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Mission Statement:

T7impex provides manufacturers of distilled products a reliable, and trustworthy conduit for their products to wholesalers and distributors in the regions, and countries served by T7impex.  Integrity, and quality of service are the guiding forces behind every aspect of T7impex.

What We Do:

T7impex GmbH is a German company, founded in June 2012, that was created by a group of business people from around the world, with an original focus to represent vodka distilleries located in Siberia, Russia.  Since its founding, T7impex has been actively expanding its representation of distilleries and spirit brands from around the world.
The vodka distilleries T7impex currently represents produce some of the finest vodka in the world, made from the finest Russian red winter wheat.  Currently the distilleries produce hundreds of varieties of vodka for the Russia market, producing millions of bottles every month.

T7impex is able to represent your product to Russian, and other international distributors who also distribute the vodka produced by the distilleries we represent.  T
7impex is able to arrange with the distilleries we represent to bottle your own, unique blend of private label vodka.  These premium spirits may be blended with honey and herbs to create unique, and special flavors of premium vodkas, and liquors.

Another service T7impex offers is to meet the TTB compliance requirements to import your brand into the United States of America.  This service has been developed from real world experience by meeting the TTB requirements to import our current brands of Russian vodka into the United States of America.
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